Whether it is a fine piece of hardwood turned into a quality piece of interior furniture or a quality fitting installed, fine craftsmanship with longevity in mind ensures that you will get a fantastic service and workmanship designed to last when you choose Oxley Marine.

I pride myself on using the highest quality materials and fittings available and will endeavour to design and help maintain your vessel so that your time afloat is not compromised.

More than 10 years in the boatbuilding industry, of which eight years involved designing and building the finest yachts in the world, have enabled me to specialise in a wide variety of areas within new builds and refits.

I am very experienced in carrying out warranty and commissioning tasks in the UK and Overseas.

Strong connections within the Marine industry has provided me with wide access to expertise in the marine sector. This ensures that each project is undertaken correctly and any issues diagnosed efficiently.

Please get in touch so that we can help keep you on the water.